Live-In Care

What Is Live-In Care?

• Having a fully trained caregiver living with you wherever you reside
• Our live-in caregivers assist with all personal care & homemaker services

We match our Clients with one of our Caregivers based on…

• Individual needs & personality
• Our Caregiver’s skills, availability, location & personality

What are the Benefits of Live-In Care?

  • • Providing one-on-one care – helpful for those with cognitive impairment
  • • Improving client safety
  • • Avoiding change, allowing you to keep the same routines
  • • Continuity of care – you do not have a large care team
  • • Greatly reduced risk of exposure to outside illnesses since your Live-In Caregiver only helps you
  • • Having peace of mind that there is a caregiver in the home 24/7

  • • Cost savings compared to 24/7 hourly care
  • • Flexible care built around you – your caregiver helps as much or as little as you like
  • • Companionship – having dinner together, watching a movie together or going food shopping together
  • • Emotional Support – many caregivers become good friends or an extension of the family, to our clients
  • • Travel Companion – vacations, church, outings, visiting family or friends

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

Steve Maraboli

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